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Zurab Janelidze



Music is the language that you can understand without learning it.


compositions for orchestral instruments (mainly strings and flute), sometimes with supporting piano

Upright Bass Instrument Illustration
Duck Illustration
Duck Illustration

Duck Pond

celebration of life

Composed in 2016, Opus 149

A musical painting of a pond with lively ducks, birds and other animals.

Nocturnal Ballet

dance of the fairies

Composed in 2017, Opus 451

A musical painting of fairies performing a ritualistic dance on the surface of water, under the moonlight beams twirling through the openings between leaves of trees that conceal the fairy sanctuary.

fairy silhouette
Silhouette of a magic fairy.


rhapsody of the highlands

Composed in 2018, Opus 517

Svaneti, a symphony of nature in Georgia's northwest corner, is where the mountains rise like crescendos and towers of many centuries old retain the harmony of Georgian golden ages.

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soaring majesty

Composed in 2016, Opus 185

The eagle etches its path through the boundless azure, its wings scribing verses of liberty upon the breath of the wind.

Eagle in Outline Sketch.
Mermaid with Long Hair  Illustration

Cavern Harmony

mermaid waters

Composed in 2017, Opus 471

In a mystical realm of caverns, mermaids exist in vibrant animation, their lives a dance of colorful activity, as engaging and diverse as the marine world they inhabit.

Grand piano Illustration


Compositions for piano solo

Dancing Puppet

whimsical reverie

Composed in 2014, Opus 57

Musical portrait of a dancing puppet

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magnificent performance

Composed in 2018, Opus 640

This piece was inspired by a piano performance of Sophie Lejava, a Gerogian pianist, singer and actress

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a streak of brilliance

Composed in 2018, Opus 614

Cloaked in sapphire and emerald, the kingfisher darts like a living jewel, a flash of iridescence against the backdrop of the tranquil river.



silent rhythm

Composed in 2017, Opus 510

In the soft glow of twilight, she danced, each elegant movement a silent verse in the poetry of motion, her spirit twirling freely in the rhythm of her joy.

Beautiful dance silhouette
Summer Design



Composed in 2022, Opus 1700

Summer, a languid sanctuary of the soul, where time slows and whispers of nostalgia beckon, inviting us to seek solace beneath the vibrant tapestry of azure skies and verdant landscapes.


melody of progression

Composed in 2023, Opus 2028

It passes, stops, separates, connect, and makes things change... time.

Hour Glass Sketch


piano concertos: piano is the lead instrument supported by other instruments

Grand piano Illustration
Upright Bass Instrument Illustration


reaching depths

Composed in 2016, Opus 206

The remarkable diversity and beauty within the human soul finds its parallel in the undersea realm, where the vibrant marine life and unfathomable depths serve as a compelling metaphor for our own intricate inner worlds.

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the great dance

Composed in 2018, Opus 736

Bathed in warm sunlight, the Hobbit danced, shoes rustling the soft earth. His steps spoke of pure, unspoken joy.

Cute Mushroom with bird Outline

Beautiful Roses

fantastic creativity

Composed in 2022, Opus 1601

The alchemy of creation marries soul and intellect, birthing expressions as diverse as roses in their bloom, each flourishing in distinct hues and forms, painting the world with the palette of the extraordinary.

Rose Line Art
Grand piano Illustration


Unrehearsed piano improvisations

Mother Hold Baby Line Drawing



Improvised in 2023, Opus 2002

A mother's love, an eternal symphony of tenderness, cradles hearts with a lullaby of selflessness, each gentle note a testament to unconditional devotion.

Ballet Dancer Silhouette


ethereal longing

Improvised in 2020, Opus 1011

In the realm of imagination's embrace, two dancers intertwine, a man and a woman, their connection ethereal, unattainable in reality's grasp. With gentle balletic grace, she twirls, while he, in free-style abandon, dances with passionate yearning. Symbolizing the ache of longing, he collapses halfway through, his heart burdened by the unattainable beauty conjured from dreams. Yet, in her playful dance to whimsical melodies, a flicker of solace emerges, urging him forward. With a gaze back, he finds strength to venture on, embracing the joy of her existence, even if only within the depths of his imagination, leaving behind the echoes of suffering, as he strides with newfound resolve into the horizon's endless expanse.

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story of defiance

Improvised in 2021, Opus 1335

Upon the stage's lament, a lone figure emerged, resolved to sunder the entwined souls, yet their love, an unyielding beacon, painted defiance upon their faces, for in the face of such adversity, their hearts intertwined like vines, unbreakable, a testament to the unwavering strength of their bond.


wondering of the muse

Improvised in 2020, Opus 949

In the mesmerizing wonder of muse's embrace, virtuosity unfurls its wings, casting enchanting spells of brilliance upon the canvas of creation.

Medieval Harp Stringed Music Instrument Isolated


spiritual journey

Improvised in 2020, Opus 1010

From the darkest depths of confinement's grasp, a radiant spirit emerges, spreading its wings wide, embracing the boundless sky, and reveling in the liberating symphony of newfound freedom.

Hand Drawn Woman With Tied Eyes Or Blindfolded. Sketched Illustration

More music by Zurab Janelidze can be found on his SoundCloud and YouTube channels:

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